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SubhanAllah, I just had a very thought provoking dream

Posted by giant24us on 2005.12.14 at 08:28
Well, the dream only lasted 5 minutes, cause I was too worried about sleeping too late and missing my finals... anyways here's how it went...

A woman (dressed in jeans, etc... clearly not religious) came to OUR Davis Masjid with her boyfriend or something. She read the thing on the men's side of the door allowed, you know hte sticker hanging on it. She then said "this does not concern me, what concerns me is this is the men's side. She stepped into our side of the masjid to pray. Meanwhile, the brother's section was filling up, funny thing was one of the brothers was BORAT Sagjdiyev. He asked: "is a something wrong?" I said "yes, this woman want to pray with men, is baaddddddd!" I stepped inside the masjid and wondered WHAT action needed to be taken. I asked my dad if I should beat her up, but he said no. I stand by that decision.

So I'm thinking now, if someone were to try and shake things up like this for public attention, how should we as a community and as individuals handle it?


imaladdin at 2005-12-17 07:25 (UTC) (Link)


Awesome question....cuz some people will flip out, others pass out...seriously I think the best thing for us to do is to remain calm and try to seem civil. If we flip out and yell and scream, she'll win.
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