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Ohh nasheeds and other stuff

Posted by giant24us on 2005.12.03 at 16:52

they have some outlandish, I loWe outlandish...

I also uploaded some lectures:




Posted by imaladdin on 2005.12.02 at 22:16
Are you feeling alone, depressed, sad, or just too serious? PLEASE check this website out...i don't know if this is legit or not but it made me laugh SO much...i can't tell you how much cuz i can't count that much so its that much.


Abu Bakr RA audio lecture i uploaded...

Posted by giant24us on 2005.11.30 at 00:45
Salaam, I uploaded an audio lecture by imam awlaki on the life of abu bakr as siddique... dl it while itd dlable. it's VERY good!


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Posted by imaladdin on 2005.11.29 at 22:37
Bro's Movie Night

This Thursday night....be @ Imran's place or be a disgrace with make-up all over your face.

Weez gonna rock you.

Imran give hit them with the 411.


Upcoming Events for Da BROOOOOOOOOOOOOS

Posted by imaladdin on 2005.11.29 at 06:55
Salaams folks...here are a few upcoming events for the brothas from otha mothas of islam:

Ski and Snowboard Trip Meeting
Thursday December 1st, 2005 @ 6:10 outside of Wellman (we will find an empty class)
We are gonna discuss the trip and make committees for the trip we anticipate in Winter Quarter.

Rock Climbing @ the Rocknasium!!
Friday December 2nd @ 7:30pm
Tickets are for 5 bucks (10 bucks originally so like 50% off!). There will also be a 6 dollar rental fee. This is an all day pass.
Shazeb, Youssef Mohamedaly, and I are selling the tickets.

If you can't find us at least send me an email @ aasifuddin@ucdavis.edu to reserve your ticket(s).

Next Quarter Inshallah:

An All Mozlem IM Dodgeball Team! If we get lotsa folks we can make two.

Snowboard Trip

Hide and Seek in the DeathStar aka Social Science Bldg.

Ittekaf @ the Masjid

Eid Banquet

MSA West Conference

the MSA at hogwarts!!

Posted by giant24us on 2005.11.26 at 13:15


Outlandish video on Palestine

Posted by giant24us on 2005.11.25 at 21:00
Awesome video check it out:




O crap there was a halaqa tonight...

Posted by giant24us on 2005.11.22 at 19:11
totally forgot... well im in fremont. if our beloved sheikh asks where im at on friday for the evening halaqa tell him im home... i WILL memorize ayatul kursi!!! lol.. salaams

ohhhh and I made a MSA website banner! i just gotta show it off, it's hot:

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"Happy Thanksgiving"

Posted by imaladdin on 2005.11.21 at 22:37
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: My Ummah
Turkey, corn, Natives and Pilgrims holding hands, eating a festive meal together...these are all images that we picture in our minds when we hear about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving should only be a reminder of the marginalization of the Native Americans by a white opressor.
Don't thank anything or anyone on this day and contemplate the pain and suffering people go through in the name superiority.


Nasheeds Online

Posted by imaladdin on 2005.11.15 at 00:11
There is this really tite website called Enshad.net that has hella cool Arabic nasheeds. I found like the coolest group called Ya Rajaa2ee
You guys should check them out.


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